Permanent Make-Up

If you are interested in permanent makeup, please schedule an appointment at our spa in Hilo today!

Semi-permanent brow enhancement:
Lifeless, tired brows? The latest advancements in brow technology and superior application techniques achieves the best brows with a minimum of pain.

Niki’s 3D Eyebrows (Hair Stroke): $400
Eyebrows (Traditional): $300
6D Brow (Hair Stroke): $450
Ombre Brow (Light to Dark): $350
Powder Brow: $350

Say goodbye to smudges and pencils. Line and deline your eyes permanently for maximum, lasting definition.

Upper Eyeline: $250
Lower Eyeline: $150
Both: $350

An attractive semi-permanent lip liner that enhances and defines the shape of your mouth. We define or correct lip shape, fill in color and plump up your lips for that perfect pout.

Lip Liner: $400
Lip Liner & Shade: $500 & up
Full Lips: $650 & up

Hair Lines: $700 & up